Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pill Buddy!

So I came up with this last night, as my hubby was trying his best to calm down our poor teething 3 month old son. I kept saying "Take a chill pill kid" and DING! The idea to make a chill pill! It's super simple and quick. Then I started having all these ideas for different types of pills. The pattern will be up as soon as I get it perfected. There will be different sizes and types, there's sure to be one for everyone!

This one is just the first of many pill buddies! Not sure what I'm going to call this one.


  1. Very cute idea. I was thinking to fill it with rice, freeze it for putting on boo oos.

  2. Never thought of that! I've thought about making a huge one to fill with rice and heat in the microwave for cramps and achy muscles.