Monday, April 4, 2011


A runner for the bar in the kitchen.

From the book, "Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs" by Edie Eckman.
Super simple and easily memorized. Joining as I go, three rows wide.

They call him...Noah Dipey Pants!

So I finally made something I meant to make way before this little dude came along.
No, I don't use cloth, I wish I could, but I don't have access to a washer and dry 24/7.

Pattern Here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pattern for Pill Buddy!

As promised, but a little late, here's the pattern for Pill Buddy.

Any weight yarn and appropriate hook. I used Caron Simply Soft and an F hook.
Yarn needle
Scrap yarn to embroider face

Note: Worked in continuous rounds.

Top Half:
Rnd 1) 4 sc in Magic Ring
Rnds 2-3) 2 sc
Rnd 4) 2 sc, 1 sc
Rnds 5-11) 1 sc
Embroider face
Rnds 12-14) 1 sc
At this point either finish off and attach new color or continue for a solid colored pill.

Bottom Half:
Rnds 15-24) 1 sc
Rnd 25) sc-dec, 1 sc, begin to stuff firmly
Rnds 26-27) sc-dec
Rnd 28) sc-dec, stuff firmly
BO, sew holes closed, weave in ends.


For the Panda:

Ears (make 2):
Rnd 1) 4 sc in Magic Ring
Rnd 2) 2 sc
Rnd 3) 1 sc
Rnd 4) sc-dec, BO leave a long tail

Eye Spots (make 2):
Rnd 1) 5 sc in Magic Ring
Rnd 2) 2 sc, BO leave a long tail

Top Half in white, sew eye spots and ears to top half, embroider nose in pink
Bottom Half in black, sew tail in white