Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crochet, Motherhood and One Messy House

As I'm typing this post my 5 week old son, Noah Kael is asleep on my chest. I haven't been writing any new patterns, or even really crocheting that much at all. I made a few preemie and newborn beanies for the hospital my uncle's church volunteers for. His friend's wife had her baby 3 months early, the little girl only wieghed 12oz when she was born, and last I heard she was up to 1lb. I also made myself something! A slightly slouchy beanie, well...originally it was for my brother-in-law but when I had my husband try it on to see if it would fit, it wouldn't even go over the crown of his head! So needless to say my brother-in-law shall have to wait for his beanie. LOL I tried out cables today, another beanie. It came out pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I'll post pictures of the two beanies later. I like cables so much that I'm going to write up a pattern for a cable headband and maybe some wristers...In other news, my husband starts his new job on February 15th, he'll be home every night. No more going out of town for weeks at a time, no more missing the little things that Noah does. Also my mom is letting us take over her '07 Chevy Silverado, at first she was just letting us borrow it until we could get our Montero up and running, but my husband fell in love with the truck and wouldn't take no for an answer...and he says I'm spoiled...whatever...LOL. Well that's all for now, fussy butt is waking up, and if I plan on getting ANY sleep tonight I best get to it now!

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